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Ballynure Primary School, Ballyclare

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Thu 18th June 2020

Today you may want to focus on the number words six to ten. Remember to revise over the number words zero to five as well. 

Games you might wish to play to reinforce the concept: 

Bingo is a good game for linking the numeral with the word. Make a simple game board by picking 6 of the number words and writing them on a page, you need to make a game board for each player, make sure they are not the same. Then write the numerals on cards and place them face down on the table. One at a time players turn over the numeral cards. If anyone has that number word on their game board, cross it off. The first player with all their number words crossed off wins!


Complete the zero-ten pages in the 'Word Names' booklet

Online Game

In this Teddy game select 'Words up to 5' or 'Words up to 10'

A Book to read

Follow this link to Collins Free Reading Resources:

The username for parents is:

Password: Parents20!

Click on 'Collins Big Cat'

The book 'In the Boat' which is band Pink A covers number words 1-6.

The book 'Pirates' which is band Red B covers number words 1-5