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Mon 8th June 2020

This week in Numeracy we will be thinking about taking away 1. Below are a few activities that may be helpful.

Mental Maths

I find that counting backwards from 10 is a good place to start. You could incorporate exercise into this.

For example, “Lets do 10 star jumps” then count back from 10 as you do star jumps together. 

You may also wish to count back from different starting points.

For example

  • Lets do “6 squats”
  • “8 lunges”
  • “run for 3 seconds”
  • “high knees for 7 seconds”

… counting back from the given number each time.

Rhymes like ‘5 Currant Buns’,  ‘There Were 10 in the Bed’ and ‘10 Green Bottles’ are good for counting back. These counting songs and others are linked below

Practical Work

You could count back from different numbers on a number line that goes to 10. You could also give your child counters (or small toys, or pencils, or pennies, or use your fingers) and get them to take away 1 object each time and then ask them “How many are there now?”

Subtraction Booklet

Work your way through the ‘Taking away 1’ sections this week. You can find the ‘Balloons’ activity on page 1 and the rest of the ‘Taking away 1’ work pages are near the back starting with the page entitled ‘Toy Time’.

‘Balloons’ activity in workbook for the ‘Balloons’ activity you need dice with numbers up to 11 written on them. If you do not have these you could just write the numbers up to 11 on cards, fold them and place them in a bowl. Your child can pick out a number and count 1 back from that number, then colour in the balloon that is the answer. You could draw your own ‘Balloons’ game board for yourself or other children in your family and turn it into a game. The first person with all their balloons coloured wins!

Online Games

A game to help your child with this concept is linked below