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Thu 21st May 2020

21st May – Time: O’clock

Talk about how we can tell the time, do you know anything about time?

What tells us the time?

Think of all the examples clock, watch, alarm, phone, TV etc.

Why do we need to know the time and do you know any times?

Today we are going to look at a clock, what shape is a clock and what does a clock have on it? Look at any clocks in your house.

Attached is a template to make your own clock. Do so and talk about the different parts of a clock; the face, the numbers, the hands. Are both the hands the same size? And so on.

Attached is a PowerPoint to talk about how to tell the time, when the big hand points to the 12 it means it is o’clock. And to find out what hour or o’clock it is you look at the small hand. Think about any things that happen on the o’clock, school would finish at 2 o’clock, lunchtime ends at 1 o’clock. Maybe think about what time you wake up or go to bed. Is it at an o’clock?

21 May make_a_clock_face (1).doc Download
telling-the-time-powerpoint- (1).ppt Download