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Fri 26th June 2020

Here are some good physical pirate games and activities you could do with your child. 

A Pirate Dance

Below is a link to a 'Just Dance Kids' pirate dance

Play 'Captains Coming'

The Basic Rules:

  • If The Caller Says – Then Each Shipmate Does:
  • Port – Go to the left side of the “ship”
  • Starboard – Go to the right side of the “ship”
  • Scrub the decks – Get down on your hands and knees and pretend to scrub the floor
  • Captains wife – Say "Ohh, la, la"
  • Climb the rigging - Pretend to climb up the rigging
  • Jellyfish – Get down on the ground, on your back and shake your arms and legs in the air
  • Captain’s Coming – Stand at attention, saluting

Assault Course:

Create a Pirate assault course, you could include:

  • A plank or rope or stepping stones for them to walk across and balance on - even if it is just placed on the ground produces a challenge,
  • A paddling pool with objects in it for them to fish out with a net (or a colander, or a ladle),
  • A pile of cannonballs that your child could try and hit targets with. (You could use any sort of balls, socks rolled into balls, paper scrunched into balls. Targets could be objects lined up for them to hit or buckets for them to throw the 'cannonballs' into),
  • Digging in a sandpit/plant pot with soil for 'treasure',
  • Weaving round sharks and crocodiles - place objects on the ground for your child to weave around,
  • A towel, rug or brown paper as 'quick sand' on the ground for your child to jump over,
  • A sheet or large towel for your child to crawl 'swim' under,
  • A water carrying challenge - how much water can you get across the garden? (why not add to the fun and put holes in the container)

Children love creating assault courses. Why not get them to help you set it up and include some of their ideas. *Please ensure children are supervised at all times around water.