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Wed 17th June 2020

I wonder do you like winning?

How does it feel when you win something?

I love to win. It makes me feel excited and I feel like I have achieved something, like I've done something special.

How does it feel when you loose?

Does it feel as good as winning?

What do you do when you loose a game? Do you say well done to the people who won? Or do you cry?

Maybe you feel disappointed. Maybe you wish that you had won.

It is ok to feel like that, lots of people feel like that when they loose a game. But it is always kind to say well done to others and to try and feel happy that they have won this time. You will win another time. 

In our story today the Little Princess wanted to win at everything! 

Listen to the story to hear what she got up to.

The Little Princess always wanted to win. She didn't realise that you can't win everything. 

But the good thing about the Little Princess was that she always tried her hardest. 

And she ended up winning the cup for trying the hardest!

This week when you are playing games with your family. Think about the Little Princess and try your hardest. But remember its ok not to win. You can't win at everything!

(Here is a link to the Little Princess programme all about winning you do not have to watch it but if you have ten minutes free and you would like something to do you might want to.