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Tue 16th June 2020

Today we are thinking about how we should be kind to everyone. Even people that others are not kind to. 

Jesus told a story in the Bible called 'The Good Samaritan'. Please watch it using the link below:

In this story there are three people who walk along the road and see the man who had been beaten up. 

The priest (who was supposed to be a man who followed all the rules) walked past the man and did nothing to help him. 

The Levite (who was supposed to be a kind man who loved God) walked past the man too. 

The Samaritan (who the people listening to Jesus story didn't like) stopped and helped the man. He also took him to a place of safety and payed all the bills to make him better.

Of these three people, the Samaritan is the one who did the right thing. He showed kindness and love to the man, even though he did not know him. 

We should be kind and show love to others, just like the Samaritan in this story. 

Can you think of ways that you can be kind to others? Can you think of ways to care for others? Try and do some of these things this week.