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Ballynure Primary School, Ballyclare

Home Learning

Mon 15th June 2020

This week in Numeracy (Monday to Wednesday) we will be taking away. Below are a few activities that may be helpful. Please do not panic if your child finds this difficult, we only really introduce subtraction in P1 your child will have lots of opportunities to develop this skill in P2. If you feel your child would be better focussing on addition please feel free to do so. As always if you have any questions please contact me at or on SeeSaw.

Mental Maths

Rhymes like ‘5 Little Monkeys' are good for counting back in 1's. '10 fat sausages' is good for counting back in 2's These counting songs and others are linked below:

Practical Work

Please see the 'Lily Pads' activity below. Instead of using 'children' to be the frogs, as it states in the example, you could use counters or toys, or pennies or buttons.

Subtraction Booklet

Work your way through the rest of the subtraction booklet. You may want to select some pages or do it all. Whatever works best for you and your child. Get your child to cross out the number of objects that needs taken away each time or use counters if your child finds that more helpful.

Online Games

A game to help your child with this concept is linked below

Lily Pad page 1.jpg Download
Lily pad page 2.jpg Download