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Mon 15th June 2020

In our last two weeks of school much of our work will centre around the theme of 'Pirates'! P1 always love this mini topic - it generates lots of opportunities to revise learning and to have fun!

Below is a Powerpoint all about pirates, please read through this with your child. 

Our activity today will be all about treasure maps. The activity attached will help your child to revise positional language. You will need the 'map' page up on the screen for your child to see and you will need to read over the question cards to give you ideas of what to ask. You could start the activity by saying statements like "I have hidden my treasure in the object that is under the crocodile". And your child can guess where you have hidden your treasure. This might help your child to grasp the concept before trying the question cards.

There is also a treasure map page in 'The Seaside' booklet. You may want to use this instead and get your child to colour it in. Alternatively they could make their own treasure map.


All about Pirates ppt.ppt Download
Question Cards.pdf Download
Pirate map.pdf Download